Transformation Starts Here!

Babalwa received a BA in Public Relations (2013) and LSFM’s own poet laureate, Sakhiwo, graduated with a BS in Accounting. These young graduates have a brighter future because of the donations that have allowed LSFM to provide the adequate tools needed for success!

Transformation Stories

Not everyone from a township has to be a statistic. LSFM believes in their transformation. Below are some stories of how townships are transformed.

African Outreach

African youth reaching out to their local and international community transforms mindsets of poverty and community.

New Men

Transformation is when young men become examples of caring, integrity, and strength to the community.

Healing Brokenness

Smiles may hide pain, but brokenness run deep. At LSFM we believe in lasting healing and life after brokeness.


Africa 2 Asia

Transformation is when township young adults can volunteer abroad.


Marriage and Family

From single-mom school drop out to married business leader LSFM’s goal is to transform broken families into healthy relationships.


Women With A Mission

Transformation is when the most vulnerable sector is empowered to purse studies and careers.

African Servant Leadership

Transformation is when leaders serve the least in the community first.

Donated Building in Mfuleni

Transformation is when others donate a building for a community church.

Polynesian Arts

LSFM celebrates the world's nations and their cultures in the townships.

Ready To Help?

Join us in our fight to transform Township life in South Africa. 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to helping our many programs and initiatives. Volunteer work is hands-on and occurs at a grass-roots level. Your gift can help bring lasting change!


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