Transformation Initiatives

Below is an overview of the programs and initiatives LSFM offers to township communities throughout South Africa:

Live n’ Learn Program

Through the Live n’ Learn Program, members of LSFM are housed with discipleship and life training with minimal tuition.

Business Club

Financial literacy is an invaluable step in every child’s learning development, this is taught and learned through seminars, interactive discussions and GAMES! 

Delft Education Center

The Delft Education Center is housed in the LSFM Community Center.  It serves as an educational support for literacy, critical thinking, career planning and a developmental assessment clinic.

African Outreach

One of LSFM’s goals is to mobilize home grown African missionaries, both locally and throughout the Africa. It’s a twist on what it means to participate in African missions.  With the help of this program, local South Africans are sent on outreach to serve communities across the continent.

Ready To Help?

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